Saturday, December 29, 2007

Will Bowen Now Go After THE JEWISH PRESS?

Chief among the actions that have landed Sharad Karkhanis in civil court has been The Patriot Returns! 's systematic exposure of “Sue” O’Malley’s and the Professional Staff Congress’s support for unsavory characters and radical causes. The case that he so effectively made is amplified and documented in the December 19th number of The Jewish Press. In a feature entitled “CUNY Professors Decry Their Union’s Anti-Israel, Anti-American Activities,” Elliot Resnick substantiates many of the claims that have been made by Sharad, in particular the close connections between Barbara Bowen and Michael Letwin.

Given her public commitments to free speech and freedom of the press, we wonder how soon it will be before Bowen threatens The Jewish Press with an O’Malley-style lawsuit.


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