Saturday, November 3, 2007

Defamed in Darwin? Maligned in Melbourne? Parodied in Perth?

Since Susan "Sue" O’Malley seems dedicated to silencing all critics, foreign and domestic, her attorneys may wish to add Australia’s John J. Ray to her ever-lincreasing enemies list. Dr. Ray, who posts his virtual opinions on the EDUCATION WATCH INTERNATIONAL blog, has been recycling materials related to O’Malley’s admiration of and advocacy for Mohammed Yousry from such sites as Phi Beta Cons, which, in turn, quote from The Patriot Returns, among others.

With such inflammatory leads as “Love of Terrorists in U.S. Academe,” and such direct quotes as Professor Senator O’Malley’s on October 24, 2006—“Do you think CUNY could hire Mohammed Yousry? What do you think? I have his phone number. I could find out if he wants to be hired and if anyone would like to try to hire him”— John Ray seems about as liable as Sharad Karkhanis to a libel suit. It is not clear that O’Malley’s attorneys are licensed as either barristers or solicitors down under ,but what matter? With the current exchange rate, an additional $2,000,000 suit would net some 2,180,000AD: still a tidy sum after transportation and court costs. As to the prospects of winning in an antipodean court? Australians, we’ve been told, are still very fond of the Queen.


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