Friday, November 30, 2007

Will "Sue" Sue Roger?

To date, there are some things about what Susan O'Malley herself has termed her "very, very silly" lawsuit that even "Sue" doesn't deny.

For instance, she did advocate the hiring of Susan Rosenberg as a CUNY adjunct. And Susan Rosenberg was a former member of the Weathermen Underground. And Susan Rosenberg was convicted of armed robbery in a crime that left two policemen dead.

O'Malley's defense appears to be that Rosenberg wasn't a "terrorist," and therefore suggesting that she supported the hiring of terrorists is defamatory.

Is Sue, then, going to sue Roger Kimball? After all, in a 2004 Wall Street Journal op-ed, Kimball was quite blunt in deeming Rosenberg a terrorist.

We're guessing, however, that Kimball is safe from "very, very silly" lawsuits. Why? Because he's not a former CUNY professor who has led the charge against Barbara Bowen and the current leadership of the PSC. So "Sue" has little to gain politically from "suing" him.


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