Sunday, November 25, 2007

Irony Deficiency: II

More than a few of our colleagues at CUNY’s Faculty Senate continue to come unhinged over presumed slights to their senatorial privileges by Trustee Jeffrey Wiesenfeld. In the words of Manfred Philipp, the successor to Prof. “Sue” as senate chair and trustee-ex-officio, “A cry of libel by a board member is tantamount to an attempt to suppress the free expression of opinion…”

Pray tell, Professor Philipp: would a $2,000,000 lawsuit against a colleague also count as an attempt to suppress free speech?

True, you’ve stated that you “will decline to exercise any so-called right to cry libel” when you hear testimony that you might disagree with. Fine.

But will you, along with your tax and tuition-supported Executive Committee, cease offering covert support for “Sue” O’Malley’s claims to do otherwise?


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