Saturday, November 3, 2007

Does It Depends on the Meaning of What "Free" Is?

From e-pages of the New York Teacher come examples of the PSC’s passionate commitment to the First Amendment:

Higher ed union defends free speech
The Professional Staff Congress, representing academic and professional staff at the City University of New York, scored several First Amendment victories recently.
The union, led by President Barbara Bowen, went to bat for members at Baruch College, Kingsborough Community College and the College of Staten Island.
At Baruch College, the administration had issued a gag order to prevent staff from speaking to the media without getting permission from the college. PSC objected to the demand, which was reminiscent of an order issued — and since rescinded — at LaGuardia CC.
After Patrick Lloyd of Kingsborough CC was suspended from two online discussion lists, the union filed improper practice charges with the state Public Employment Relations Board. Lloyd had been reprimanded for circulating union literature and discussing the union's upcoming elections. The college settled on the matter.
When Irwin Blatt, a PSC retiree and adjunct professor at CSI testified on behalf of a colleague at a discrimination hearing, the college cut Blatt's hours at the school. He was later awarded $170,000.
— PSC Clarion

Why then their reluctance to take an unambiguous stand for the First Amendment rights of Sharad Karkahis, a dues paying member of the Retirees Chapter? Surely President Bowen and her supporters would not play favorites in so serious a matter as this, would they?



bobystyles said...

There is no free speech on C.U.N.Y. Campuses, and when reported theft of time, theft of service, false reporting, threats and condescending remarks plus programs that weren't when in question - sorta like credited programs that lacked credit.
And then we can discuss the gym that needs millions in repair to fix the same job done a few years back and add all those told to shut up or else when reporting missing equipment.
On 12/23/05 a whistleblowers hotline was established on the rfcuny website - suggest you find out why.
Maybe when you realizare how many finace directors have left suddenly with 2 on OSC report file number UWZ4F0 - we should get both story sides.
And when patronage, Patronage starts in Albany and being local papers have a relative running it, you can visualize what happens to whistleblowers in The CUNY System.
And the report - not a single word yet denied........
By the way there is a C.U.N.Y. Lawsuit website - thank God.

Robert Stein
23 Mulberry Circle
Staten Island New York 10314

bobystyles said...

There is no free speech. We should demand the recent jury decision Norris vs. Cuny be front page, rather than die in relative obscurity. The jury found out and out retaliation on a harassmennt case. And after 7 years and hushed up - only those heads at CUNY that allow this can lose and yet win big, and get to do it again, and again.