Sunday, November 25, 2007

"Sue" Breaks Her Silence

Professor “Sue” O’Malley has been silent (and presumably locked way by her attorneys in a secure location) since commenting to the New York Sun about her “very, very silly” defamation case against Sharad Karkhanis.

But in the wake of the recent Board of Trustees brouhaha, the temptation to join the pack and pile on Jeffrey Wiesenfeld has been just too much for University Faculty Senate executive committee member ex-officio O’Malley. Under this moniker, she has invited CUNY faculty to peruse the website for Stop The Madrassa and informed them that Wiesenfeld is active on their New York metropolitan and national advisory boards.

As such, Wiesenfeld appears to be guilty by association of the heinous crime of “lack of respect for Muslims,” since Stop the Madrassa has objected to a new public school dedicated to teaching Arabic history, teaching and language.

Unless we’ve been misinformed, Trustee Wiesenfeld has the same right to speak against the use of public monies for such a school as ex-Trustee O’Malley has to solicit a job at CUNY for Mohammed Yousry. O’Malley may decide that Wiesenfeld and his politics are obnoxious; he may deem her to be a numbskull. But both are public figures, and fair game for criticisms (and witticisms) protected by the First Amendment. It is a pity that only one of them appears to understand this.

Perhaps when she has had her day in court, Prof. “Sue” will consider taking a remedial course on the Constitution at Kingsborough Community College.


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