Monday, November 5, 2007

The Sounds of Silence

The "Sue" O’Malley lawsuit is certainly generating attention in online, as well as print, media:

From the the New York Times City Room
“A professor at Kingsborough Community College, Susan O’Malley, has filed a $2 million lawsuit against an emeritus professor there, Sharad Karkhanis, accusing him of defaming her by accusing her of having an “obsession with finding jobs for terrorists” in recent issues of a newsletter he’s been e-mailing to CUNY faculty members for 15 years. Mr. Karkhanis called the lawsuit meritless and said he would fight it. [New York Post]”

From the University Professionals of Illinois
"Muzzling a Watchdog? -- No one could accuse Sharad Karkhanis of pulling his punches. The emeritus professor at Kingsborough Community College publishes The Patriot Returns, an online newsletter that critiques the leadership of the faculty union at the City University of New York. The overall thrust of the newsletter is that the Professional Staff Congress, which is an affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers, is poorly run, focused too much on leftist politics to be effective on behalf of its members. (Inside Higher Ed, Nov. 2) “

In light of the celebrity—or perhaps notoriety?—that Professor O’Malley has craved lo’ these many years, it is quite surprising that she is now not available for comment. Might it be that her attorneys are muzzling the PSC’s main muzzler?


PS: Happy Birthday, Art Garfunkel!

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